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Rose Soap Recipe
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Shea Butter Soap with Roses and Vanilla

A natural homemade soap that smells and feels great. All you need is 3 ingredients: shea butter, roses and vanilla.
Prep Time10 mins
Drying time2 hrs
Total Time2 hrs 10 mins
Course: Bath and Body Soap
Keyword: shea butter, soap, vanilla
Yield: 3 bars of soap
Author: Stephanie Gerber
Cost: $8


  • Microwave safe container, like a glass Pyrex measuring cup
  • Soap mold. A small plastic container works perfectly.



  • Melt the shea butter soap base in 30 second intervals in the microwave until it is liquified. Use a microwave safe container, like a glass Pyrex measuring cup, so it is easy to mix and pour.
  • After the soap is melted, crumble the roses into small pieces and add to the soap with the vanilla extract. Start with 1 tablespoon of vanilla and add more if you want a stronger smell. Stir together until combined and pour into your mold.
  • Let the soap sit for an hour or two until it hardens. Then pop it out of the mold.
    Rose Soap Recipe


You might find that your rose pieces settle to the bottom of each bar. If that happens, wait until the soap is more firmly set but still wet and then sprinkle a few more pieces on top of the soap. Press them gently into the soap to make sure they stick.
One other troubleshooting note, if you're getting bubbles on the top of your soap, give it a spritz of rubbing alcohol to get rid of them.