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How to Deep Clean Your Refrigerator | HelloGlow.co
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DIY All-Natural Fridge Deodorizer

Keep your fridge smelling fresh and clean with this all-natural, super-easy DIY method.
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Home
Cuisine: Cleaning
Keyword: cleaning
Yield: 2 cups
Author: Lindsey Rose Johnson
Cost: $5


  • Pint size jar



  • Place baking soda in jar (if using), and stir in the essential oils.
    How to Deep Clean Your Refrigerator | HelloGlow.co
  • Place open jar or box in back of fridge to absorb odors and make fridge smell fresh and clean.
  • To give it a burst of freshness, periodically stir the baking soda to release the scent from the essential oils.
  • Add more if the scent starts to dissipate. Replace with fresh baking soda and essential oils every 3-4 months.
    How to Deep Clean Your Refrigerator | HelloGlow.co


Use any oils you like, but we recommend lighter oils like orange or lemon. It's better to use essential oils without scents that are too overpowering, like floral or mint oils. Try citrus or vanilla instead. Start with less and add more as needed.
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