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How to Make Sugar Wax At Home

This 3-ingredient sugar wax is a quick, inexpensive alternative to pricey spa visits and daily shaving.
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time5 mins
Cooling time2 hrs
Total Time2 hrs 10 mins
Course: DIY Beauty
Keyword: sugar wax
Yield: 1 cup
Author: Hello Glow
Cost: $2


  • Candy thermometer
  • Medium saucepan


  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 1 teaspoon salt


  • Add all ingredients to a pot, and without stirring, turn the heat to medium-high (stirring can cause sugar to crystalize on the sides of your pot). If you have one, attach your candy thermometer to the side of the saucepan so you can watch the temperature closely as it cooks.
  • Once the sugar mixture starts to boil, gently swirl the pot to mix the ingredients. 
  • Keep a close eye on the mixture and cook until it turns the color of honey or until your thermometer reads 260 degrees F (this took about 5 minutes for me, but it could vary depending on the size of your saucepan).
  • Immediately remove wax from the heat and transfer it to a glass jar to stop the cooking process (the wax can shatter cold glass, so run your jar under hot water for a minute to prep it for the wax). Meanwhile, take a spoonful of wax and put it in the freezer. Wait until it has cooled completely, then check the consistency. It should be stretchy like a piece of bubble gum and slightly sticky. If it's too runny, return wax to the pot and boil for another 30 seconds. If it's too hard (like crunchy candy), either add more water and boil a little longer or throw it out and start over.
  • Once your wax is the right consistency, let it cool completely before applying to skin.



You can store any leftover sugar wax in the refrigerator indefinitely. When it's time to reheat it, microwave in 15-second intervals until soft and pliable but not hot. If you overcook it, you run the risk of seriously burning yourself or ruining the wax so it's no longer pliable.