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Beet Kvass

Move over kombucha, there's a new probiotic drink in town! Find out how to make your own kvass (and why you should).
Prep Time2 d
Total Time2 d
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Servings: 4
Author: Hello Glow


  • 2-3 beets depending on size
  • 2 teaspoons sea salt
  • 1 tsp active dried yeast or 1/4 cup whey
  • 2 quarts filtered water



  • Peel and chop beets into ½-inch pieces and place in a half-gallon jar.
  • Add salt. whey/yeast and fill the jar with water, leaving 1 inch of space between the beets and the top of the jar. Cover the jar with a tight lid.


  • Store the beets at room temperature (60-70°F is preferred) until desired flavor and texture are achieved (about 2 to 5 days).
  • If using a tight lid, slightly unscrew the lid daily to release excess pressure (do not remove the lid completely).
  • Once the kvass is finished, put a tight lid on the jar and move to refrigerator.
  • The kvass flavor will continue to develop as it ages.
  • When the liquid in the kvass is close to empty, refill the jar and culture at room temperature again for a second, weaker batch.